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Geppetto Holz

"Wood lives, we bring it to life,

for more liveliness in your home! "

We process the best local wood. “Because we know where our wood comes from!” As a pure, natural product, wood is full of life. It breathes, it makes your room breathe and it provides a natural and healthy living environment. Created by Mother Nature, the diversity of its grain is a work of art in itself and each piece is a fingerprint of nature. Wood gives your home the uniqueness it deserves.


Using a special process, old wood is imitated, simply and elegantly, or in a quaint and rustic fashion. New wood gives the impression of having always been there, for original cosiness, tradition and old values – simply and inexpensively.


We manufacture:


About us

"We want to inspire our customers!"

Two managing directors with a soul for wood provide the foundation for unique wood manufacturing. Engineers Andreas Schweiger and Michel Dohr were literally born into the wood industry, wood production and trading and lead their company with passion, which is reflected in its successful growth:


  • 2012 Founding

  • 2017 Change of location and takeover of timber market "Holzmarkt Oberaich"

  • 2019 Expansion and renovation of the entire timber market



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