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About us

Two managing directors with a soul for wood provide the foundation for unique wood manufacturing. During my childhood on my parents’ farm with a plantation of over 100 hectares, I, Andreas Schweiger, could watch the raw material that is wood grow and flourish in its own forest from an early age. I, Michel Dohr, learned the wood trade from my parents and grandparents. This combination not only creates a passion for wood, but also an incredible basic knowledge and understanding of the raw material.


After years of experience in the Styrian timber industry, we founded our company together in Kapfenberg in 2012, thus starting the success story that is Geppetto Holz GmbH. In 2017, we moved to Oberaich, Bruck/Mur, and took over the Oberaich Timber Market. In 2019 and 2020, we renovated and expanded the timber market to include an extraction system and a planing machine. A new packaging line, a new profiling machine and the modernisation of the entire timber market will follow.

How we work

Dynamism and innovation, progress and agility as well as sustainability and efficiency in our work are the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy. Continuous further development ensures our range of products is extensive and that we can meet almost every customer requirement. Whether private customers or wholesalers, we manufacture large or small quantities in the shortest possible time.


We mainly process local wood, which reproduces itself on your doorstep. The raw material wood, purchased regionally, thus not only reduces Co2 emissions in our region through its growth.

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